Thursday, 21 January 2016

Let Nothing Ye Dismay

Let Nothing Ye Dismay

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...'

   Well, except in this tale, there is quite a lot stirring in the house! Have you been bad or have you been good? And are you ready for a very careful examination of your behaviour?

I know, I know - we are a little way past Xmas, but hey, it is bound to be snowing somewhere, so pull up a chair, turn the lights down low, is that a footstep on the stair? A jingle in the chimney? And just what is Santa packin' in her sack? 

 Welcome to 'Let Nothing Ye Dismay', a story in four parts, written for Alyx's Christmas Story Exchange. It's worth heading over there to read many other excellent stories...when you're done here, of course!

    Merry Xmas by the way, happy doo-dahs and -wherever you are- I hope that 2016 will be really good for you!

    love ~ TMT

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Hello Lovely readers, lovers of the world, of the arts, of the things we do... It's been a little while, but I have written a story for all the lovers out there.... A silly thing full of chocolates and passion.... A story full of promises for Valentine's Day... Click on the link and sink your teeth into the goodies therein!
Love you all!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Love and Spanking

As I was decorating my kitchen, I found myself considering issues that were brought up in a discussion on Alyx’s blog, and my thoughts have wandered a bit from that thread (this is what wielding a paintbrush for far too long does to you) and got a bit too protracted to be polite in a post over there, so I’m starting an occasional ‘TMT’s Thoughts’ thing here,  inspired by that thread and inhaling paint fumes! 
I was thinking about the idea of 'perfection' in terms of what makes a perfect spanking partner? Specifically with regards to TTWD, and I realised that even with the hottest, most responsive playmate, who knows exactly what the ‘game’ scenario is (if it is a game) or indeed, what the rules are (if it is a DD situation) for me nothing heightens an interaction more than emotional content...  Love.

When everything really kicks in for me, when I am alive with the creative potential of spanking, of what is and will be happening, it is extraordinary, but it is the established, deeply loving relationship which takes the encounter to exceptional heights. It is the love and the understanding of the woman I am with, her knowledge of me  - and mine of her - which gives us the trust to give and take power and to really let go.

When a woman is open and cool with it, God that is sexy, and add to that: dignity, heat, humour and love – and you have the best of all experiences waiting to happen. 

Perfection to me isn’t really in the ‘design’ of a discipline situation, nor even in an exquisite, mind-blowing interaction;  perfection lies in the ability to resolve and evolve between me and my partner – and this is where my thoughts turned to the different hues in notions of ‘danger.’

The unknown will always have its inherent excitement.  The stranger-casual-encounter. We all have those fantasies… and even favourite, fabulous adventures.  Similarly, the danger in formal arrangements, made by appointment with a professional, is thrilling.  There are risks in negotiating and becoming vulnerable in each situation (and Tops are vulnerable too) and heaven knows, I’m not knocking either, but there is a different riskiness, which is sometimes overlooked, I think,  when you engage in TTWD in a committed relationship. One which is still hot, but is also very scary.

 It is a fear, though, which once faced, is beyond satisfying… It touches on how we step into the realm of sensations, merging physical with emotional, becoming almost spiritual in experience and expression, so that between you both, around you, a magical, tender world is made. 

When you love the person you are engaging with and you want to please her and you want her to please you, this carries its own dangers.  You can’t hide behind ‘lack of knowledge’ if issues come up, because you know each other too well. You know what she is feeling and she knows you and what you might be going through.
Being open can feel risky, becoming vulnerable can be terrifying;  or, as a Top, holding your partner’s vulnerability in your hands as she looks at you, waiting… there is a moment of danger.  Can you get it right?  And as you move towards her, you know that there is nothing so humbling or touching as feeling the responsibility of her pleasure and the honour she gives you in her trust. It is amazing.

And so, to me, the ‘perfect’ TTWD relationship to be in, is one with great communication.  It is open, honest, prepared to be afraid at times and trusting the other to be, not just strong and present, but kind and loving too… Perfection is actually about knowing we have flaws, that we will take risks and get some things wrong occasionally, but that we have the emotional tools to work through them: because then, *then* when you look into her eyes and you both start letting go, the love between you makes TTWD so powerful, so heartfelt and so rewarding. Then you know what it is to feel blessed by another’s love.

 Happy New Year, by the way, may 2012 be a beautiful year and full of love for you and yours!!!


Thursday, 10 November 2011

Love Our Lurkers Day 6

Hello Lurkers and friends alike - Happy Love our Lurkers Day!!!

Now I may have got this a little wrong... I know this is the day for you lovely lurkers to hopefully feel more comfortable about delurking and saying hello, but I just thought... maybe... if I ... made something specially for you... something a little less dry and wordy than my usual fare then you might feel like connecting, saying hi and leaving a comment... So... I made a video about TTWD, from a poem...and it is my gift for you... and it has pictures....and music ... turn you speakers up... Welcome to my blog and enjoy... Bonfire Night

 This is my first video so do let me know what you think! :)
Head over to Bonnie's for a list of all the Bloggers who are participating in Love Our
Lurkers Day

Monday, 7 November 2011


Thursday November 10th is a special day -
         ~ it is 'Love our Lurkers' day ~
where we bloggers salute you the silent ones
...Those who stop by and hang out all shyly 
not daring to say hello ~ It is your day!!! ~
If you visit me on Thursday, I have a special treat 
just for you called 'Bonfire Night'  -it is hot!!
I would love it if you said hi & tell me what you think about this little corner of the blogosphere
 Bonnie is Whipping bloggers into shape! You will find a list of those who are working all out just to make it a wonderful day for you at her place... follow the link for magical adventures... and come back for a very different TMT experience.... love ~ TMT

Friday, 28 October 2011

A little introduction to the Prize... *bg*

Redemption by Tenth Muse Top


Author’s ramble: (click on the title to read the story)

Here’s a tale… an unexpected tale… It wasn’t the one I meant to write, rather was the one the characters wrote themselves…

I asked Micah for three elements to a spanking story, which I would write for her as her prize for winning the caption contest, and she gave me: a paddle; OTK as a position and a loving relationship. These three are Micah’s and I thank her for them, and also apologise to her as the rest is entirely my fault – as well as these characters whose lives we arrive at in the middle of an unfolding drama.

It is the last item, ‘the loving relationship,’ which most of all determined the surprising direction of the story.  This is not a ‘first time, let’s get hot and bothered’ story, but one where lovers in a DD partnership, who know each other well, suddenly find themselves in unfamiliar territory and their relationship is put to the test; after all, the proof of a relationship is whether it can withstand pressure; whether love can ultimately prevail.  *smile* I’m not making any promises – you’ll have to read it to see.

I added a fourth element to the story, which is that it is loosely illustrated with quotes from ‘The Lover’s Tale’ by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, a difficult piece of Victoriana if ever there was one and I have used and abused these out of context, entirely to suit my own purposes, because I like the lines in question and also because even domestic stories, rather like our lives, have sudden epic moments– and it’s then we turn to the words of others for enlightenment and for solace. Or just to reflect the absolute beauty of the human experience.

I think this story probably asks more questions than it answers about TTWD and I am still undecided as to whether the decisions the characters make are the right ones… I’ll let you make up your own minds about that. Feel free to let me know your thoughts too!

My heartfelt thanks to Alyx, whose fine calibre as an editor is only exceeded by her rigorous toplyness - er - I mean by her generous, lovely and sexy nature as a woman. 

TMT October 2011

Sunday, 31 July 2011


-But before that I'd just like to say -
It wasn't just hard to choose a winner, it was nigh on impossible because the entries are so brilliant - you all could have won - so thank you to everyone who took part - what a creative and witty lot you are. Genuinely funny and this Top here has been smiling all week! Below are the entries posted in the order they appeared - the winner is no (5) - MICAH!!! - I'll send you a mail, so we can discuss your prize! :-D       (No: 11 is my contribution)


1) Mistress? ... Mistress, are you awake? *groan* 

2) Are we allowed to have more than one go? 

3) "My goodness, when you ask for 'a room with a view' this hotel sure doesn't fool around!"

4) "A moment of quiet contemplation, as Sharon decides which hole she wants to ravish first!"

5) Honey...does this make my butt look big???

6) Wait, wait... I think we've made a mistake... when 69ing, the head is at the base of the curve, not the end of the stick!

 7) "Baby, I must warn you I had taco for dinner" :) 

 8) TMT Productions presents Mica Hunt and Connie Lundquist in their new movie...The Tonguelashing...coming in a room near you

9) Honey, are you sure this is the way Twister is supposed to be played?  
10) The Buddy System Diet Plan really works. Whenever Lisa gets a case of the munchies...
11) Sally's new job as senior product tester for Stilettos Inc had taken an  unexpected turn.

Till Next Time

Be good!